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The Shocking Effects of Poor Posture

You’ve probably landed on this blog after realizing that you have a slouching posture. Whether it’s while working out, sitting at your work desk, or simply during a casual stroll, there’s no going back once you discover a slouched posture. So, what’s the next step?

You may be under the impression that your chronic back pain is the result of your bad posture. While that’s true, there are several more adverse effects of bad posture from lower energy levels to pain in different parts of your body. If you have developed a similar condition, opt for a body and foot massage near me for instant relief.

How to identify bad posture?

Posture simply translates to the position you hold your body in while sitting, standing, moving, or lying down. Posture during movements is dynamic posture and when you are stationary, it is static posture. You need to maintain a good posture for a better stride, to limit injuries, or to simply look better in front of the mirror.   

Stand in front of the mirror or ask your friend to check for the following signs to identify bad posture:

  • A potbelly
  • A potbelly
  • Rounded shoulders
  • Body aches and pains including chronic back pain
  • Your head leans to the front or the back
  • Bent knees while moving or standing
  • Frequent headaches
  • Your muscles feel sore quite often and get tired quickly

When you opt for the best full body massage in Richmond, it helps alleviate these conditions and also works towards fixing your posture.

Effects of bad posture on your health

1. Back pain and poor sleep

Back pain is probably the most common symptom of poor posture. When you have chronic back pain, you feel stiff or a tightening feeling around the spine. The effect is most apparent in your lower back since daily activities don’t usually train the lower back muscles and they are the weakest link. A poor posture makes your spine curve near the lower back area and makes the pelvis tilt to the front.

This increases the unnecessary pressure on pelvic discs and can cause an imbalance on both sides of your body. When you aren’t able to fully relax, you also have a hard time finding the right sleeping position. This can also hamper your sleep quality. Massage therapy in Richmond can help fix these issues or aid in the process of fixing your posture along with your sleep schedule.

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2. Digestive problems

Most people are surprised when they find out that their poor posture is responsible for gastrointestinal issues. However, bad posture is often the main reason for several common digestive problems. One of the most common among them is bloating.

Poor posture creates an inward curve in the stomach that traps gasses created by your stomach and the air you swallow. When these gasses can’t escape, they give you a bloated look. You may also suffer from irritated bowel syndrome as the rounded spine puts pressure on the nerves that talk to your large intestine. If you are suffering from these conditions, a therapeutic massage in Richmond may help.

3. Poor blood circulation

Consistent poor posture with a hunched position can restrict the flow of blood by applying pressure on blood vessels at different areas in your body. That means certain sections of your body don’t get an adequate supply of blood which deprives tissues of nutrients and also makes your feet or hands colder. Poor blood circulation increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Fix your posture to correct these problems and get regular foot massages in Richmond to rejuvenate yourself and stay warmer.

4. Breathing problems

A hunched position may also lead to severe breathing problems. Bad posture prevents you from expanding your chest properly and prevents your lungs from inflating at full capacity. As a result, your oxygen intake is reduced and over time your lung capacity gets reduced as well. You’re more likely to feel breathless and fatigued very quickly when you have poor posture. Improve your posture to make your breathing more efficient and enhance your respiratory well-being.

Acknowledging the problem is the first step towards finding a solution. Refer to the signs mentioned in this article to find out if you have a bad posture and then work towards fixing it. Meanwhile, you can lessen the effects of poor posture with a therapeutic massage in Richmond.



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