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Can You Target YouTube Ads?

You can choose between a broad or a specific strategy when using Google AdWords’ content targeting:

  • You can specify the subjects and key phrases that correspond to your targeted audience in order to target extensively.
  • You can target specifically by running ads on channels and videos, even ones that belong to your rivals.

Except for device targeting, which is applicable at the campaign level, most YouTube content targeting options are applicable at the ad group level. While setting up a campaign, you can add any combination of these content targeting signals.

You can also add them to pre-existing ad groups by picking one from the left-hand menu and utilizing the Content drop-down menu. Click the pencil icon to change the targeting after selecting a type of content from that list. Therefore, it is typically best to use content targeting with campaigns that are either at the top of the funnel or in the middle of it. Consider employing it to achieve objectives like brand recognition or product and brand consideration, to put it another way. If you want to reach people who are poised to convert, think about using audience targeting to reach engaged users with purchase intent.

Additionally, combining various content targeting strategies may significantly reduce the reach of your advertising. If your reach is extremely constricted, you might face poor results and wasted advertising spending. To help you avoid issues, test various content targeting choices before utilizing them.

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Choosing Between Content & Audience Targeting

Reaching your target audience on YouTube may be done in a number of ways, including content targeting. Moreover, Google AdWords offers a wide range of audience targeting options that enable you to target people with ads based on their:

  • statistics and events in your life
  • Interests and plans to purchase

Website or YouTube Channel Interactions

To generate highly focused segments using first-party data, you can also submit your customer lists to Google AdWords. Custom segments are another feature of YouTube advertising that help you target users based on Google searches.

You have the option to target your audience, your content, or both when creating YouTube ads. As you make video advertising more targeted, You have the option of using audience targeting, content targeting, or both when setting up YouTube advertising. You should pay attention to the forecast in the upper-right corner as you add targeting options to video ads. Make sure your targeting is precise enough to be relevant without reducing the size of your prospective audience too much to serve ads effectively.

How to Use Placements to Focus Your YouTube Advertising?

You may target specific YouTube videos and channels to display video advertising on. Go down to the Content section and select Placements from the drop-down menu to add placement targeting to an ad group.

How to Make Certain YouTube Channels Display Advertising

Choose YouTube Channels if you want your adverts to appear on all material published on those channels. then type the Links in. Finally, type in the URLs of your preferred YouTube channels or use the tool included into YouTube to identify relevant channels. If not, you can see the actual placements for your video ads by clicking See Where Your Advertising Placed. To see only YouTube placements, use the filter. Then order the results based on the KPIs that are most important to your company, such clicks or conversions. Add YouTube channels that produce especially impressive results to your placement targeted list.

How to Use Topics to Target YouTube Advertising

Compared to placements, which only let you create fairly narrow targeting for YouTube ads, topics allow you to place ads on a much wider range of content. But it’s important to remember that not every video about a given topic has the same level of quality, viewpoint, or audience. You can therefore speak to consumers at very different phases of their customer journeys or with very different levels of awareness by concentrating on a specific topic.

To select themes for your ad group targeting, use the themes drop-down option under Content.

Targeting YouTube Advertising with Topics

Compared to placements, which only let you create fairly narrow targeting for your YouTube ads, topics allow you to place advertisements on a much wider range of content

If you want to engage readers of content in a specific category, topic targeting may be helpful.

It’s important to remember, though, that not every video on a given topic is of the same grade. You can therefore speak to consumers at very different phases of their customer journeys or with very different levels of awareness by concentrating on a specific topic.

To select themes for your ad group targeting, use the themes drop-down option under Content.

Use Keywords to Target YouTube Ads

Keyword targeting is also supported by YouTube ad campaigns. Yet, compared to search campaigns, keyword targeting for video campaigns functions somewhat differently.

Your video doesn’t necessarily need to include the keywords in the description or the content, unlike search advertising. Moreover, targeting keywords for YouTube is not affected by match types. So, it is unnecessary to distinguish between wide, phrase, and exact match keywords.

How to Aim YouTube Advertising towards Content from Rivals

The variety of choices for displaying your videos on material created by competitors is one of the best features of YouTube ad targeting. Targeting your competitors can be quite beneficial if they have a significant share of voice, a high search traffic, or a lot of content.

How to Display YouTube Advertising on Channels from Rivals?

You can run video advertising on any content your rivals make if they maintain active YouTube channels

Be strategic with the video advertising you run on these platforms to obtain the most value from this strategy. You may, for instance, run a video advertisement emphasizing your brand’s distinctive value proposition and what makes your goods and services stand out from the competitors.

Methods for Displaying YouTube Advertising on Particular Rival Videos

You might also think about putting your YouTube advertisements on particular videos if your rivals have popular YouTube videos. Targeting rival videos follows the same steps as selecting any other YouTube video. Choose YouTube Videos under Placements and input the URLs of the videos you want to target.

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