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Important Factors Affecting the Cost Of Hair Transplant In New York

The hair Transplant cost in New York is the same as the cost of a hair transplant in the rest of USA. The cost of hair transplants is affected by multiple factors all throughout USA.

One can opt for a very cheap hair transplant procedure also. However, the quality of the cheap hair transplant procedure will also produce results that are equally devastating. We can see a lot of quacks in the industry who are misguiding people and ruining their hair and their money.

Similar to the world around, the cost of hair transplants in USA is dominated by multiple factors. From the doctors involved to the techniques and instrumentation used, it is important for us to see every aspect of the hair transplantation procedure.

Let’s have a look at different factors that can affect the cost of a hair transplant procedure.

1. The Technique Involved in the Procedure:

It is one of the most important factors that one should look at when going in for a hair transplant procedure. There are many techniques in the world that can be used for the process of hair transplantation. The Follicular Unit Extraction technique is one of the most used techniques in the world. It is one of the most popular and common techniques used by many surgeons across the world. In this technique, the extraction of the donor grafts from the back of the scalp is done first. The extracted grafts are then kept in a solution outside of the body. The recipient area is then prepared by making the slits. While the slits are being made in the recipient area, the donor grafts stay out of the body. They are kept in a solution. Then after the recipient site has been fully prepared, the donor grafts are taken one by one and then transplanted in the pre-created slits. This causes a lot of time lapse between the extraction and the implantation. The amount of time spent by the grafts outside of the body can cause graft damage by the grafts dying up.

FUT Technique:

Some doctors also use the FUT technique. It is a technique that is also called the strip technique. In this technique, a linear strip of skin along with the hair is cut from the back of the scalp: the donor area. Then the scalp is stitched up. In the future, after the donor area has been completely healed up, there will be a linear scar in the donor area. The scar could be large or small. The grafts from the extracted linear strip of skin from the donor area are separated one by one. While this is being done, the slits are being prepared in the recipient area. After the recipient slits have been completed, the separated grafts are taken one by one and implanted on the recipient slits. The trauma caused due to the cutting of the linear strip of skin could cause shock loss of a permanent nature around the strip that has been taken or on the strip itself. The fact that the grafts, even in this technique, are kept outside of the body for a longer period of time in a solution, can cause the grafts to dry up and get damaged.

Eugenix Hair Sciences:

Eugenix Hair Sciences, in USA practices the Direct Hair Transplantation technique. In this technique, the initial process is the creation of the recipient slits in the recipient area. After the slits have been made, the extraction of the grafts from the back of the scalp; that is the donor area, and the implantation in the recipient slits are done simultaneously. The fact that they are implanted simultaneously after extraction facilitates less out-of-body time. This prevents any drying up of the grafts or graft damage. Also, during implantation, dull needle implanters are used. The dull needle implanters are cylindrical in nature with an opening for the grafts to be placed. The grafts are handled only by the epidermal layer or the mother tissue and not by the roots. Hence any form of man-made mistakes or graft damage is prevented effectively.

The use of all these techniques also dictates the price of the procedure. The better technique you opt for, the higher the post.

2. The Instrumentation: 

They are used in the clinic for hair transplant surgery and also dictate the price of the surgical procedure. There are many instruments that need to be used for the procedure. Each instrument plays a vital role in the success of a hair transplant surgery. It is in the minute details that the perfection of a surgical procedure is hidden.


A punch is a cylindrical instrument that is used to extract a graft from the donor area or the back of the scalp. There are multitudes of companies providing punches of different sizes. However, when you compare high-quality punches to low-quality punches, you can avoid the disadvantage of using a low-quality punch. A punch should be fine, sharp, and precise. Eugenix Hair Sciences, for example, uses Cole punches. Cole’s punches are very small and very sharp. They leave microscopic scars that are not visible to the naked eye. On the contrary, cheaper punches cause scarring and may also cause damage to the surrounding grafts due to their size. Different sets of punches are offered by Cole and can help in performing smooth surgery.


Different forceps are used for different purposes. There are specific forceps to pull the grafts out of the extracted area, different forceps to collect the grafts, and different forceps to load and unload the grafts into and from the dull needle implanters.


Magnification is very important and dictates the judgment of a surgeon. Hence a high-magnification instrument is necessary. For example, Eugenix Hair Sciences uses Carl Zeiss loupes for magnification and also Carl Zeiss microscopes. These high-end microscopes and magnification allows for smooth surgery.

Miscellaneous Instruments: 

There are many other instruments that are important such as dull needle implanters, syringes for anesthesia administration, etc. These also play a good role in the surgical process.

3. The Doctors: 

The doctors or surgeons who perform the surgery are highly experienced individuals and the higher their experience, the higher their charge. One can always opt for a particular doctor whom they would like to have the surgery with. However, the associated costs come along with that.

4. Experience of the Technicians: 

Highly experienced technicians come with a lot of years in the hair transplant industry. They put a whole lot of their time, practice, and passion into it.

5. Post Operative Care: 

Good and genuine clinics provide a lifetime of care to the patients. They will follow up for as long as possible. Places, where there are no follow-ups or old patient care, are downright avoidable as it is a lack of responsibility and care.

6. Add-On Facilities: 

A lot of add-on facilities are provided by good clinics such as accommodation, medications, post-op care kit, travel, etc. All of these also dictate the cost of a hair transplant surgery.

These are some factors that affect the cost of a hair transplant procedure.



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