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Creative Custom T Shirt Boxes Wholesale

Do you have trouble seeing the advantages of a personalized box versus a generic one? Customization is of great worth. You can enhance the value of your items by packing them in a custom-made box and creating a distinct identity for your brand. T shirts are wearable apparel for each age group of people. Brands design t shirts for males and females, whether kids, teenagers, or adults. Nowadays, the apparel industry has seen potential growth. New apparel brands are being launched in the market.  You will be looking for ways how to bring forward your apparel business.  You can choose our custom t shirt boxes wholesale designed creatively to outstand your indistinguishable brand in the crowd.

T Shirt Boxes Manufactured with Striking Designs and Styles:

Each product needs a box in a distinct design and form. T shirts have their requirements. They come in various lengths and fabrics. Some have thin fabrics, while others have woolen or thick fabrics. So, we customize the box under the specification of the item.  You can design the box with dazzling graphics and print them with bright colors to make the packaging more appealing and enticing. However,

we design custom printed shirt boxes in the following styles:

  1. Two-piece box
  2. Tray and sleeve packaging
  3. Tuck front box
  4. Mailer box

Use of Long-Lasting and Durable Stock for T Shirt Box Packaging:

T shirts are the most wearable items of apparel brands.  They require sturdy and strong materials. We manufacture custom t shirt boxes wholesale in the following stock:

  • Kraft
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated
  • Rigid

Kraft is a lightweight and climate-friendly stock.  You can choose kraft brown paper for t shirt packaging. On the other hand, we have cardboard paper. It is endurable to wear and tear and immune to scratches, scuffs, etc.  Cardboard is flexible, and you can turn it into various forms and sizes. Today, there are many online clothing stores. Brands and manufacturers prefer online services. If you need a mailer box to deliver your apparel item. The double wall mailer in corrugated material will be a wonderful option. A corrugated box is designed with thick flutes and protects from traveling shocks and jerks.

Obtain T Shirt Gift Boxes in Rigid Material:

Most people express their love to their loved ones through gifts.  A t shirt can be the most inspiring gift for anyone. You can select our printed rigid boxes. Rigid comes in luxurious packaging.  It is inflexible and hard to bend and mold.  Besides this, like cardboard, you can customize the rigid box with prints, add-ons, and finishings. You can print a box with the recipient’s name or add interesting artwork to astonish the giftee. You can emboss the printed name and uplift the design patterns.

Choose T Shirt Boxes with Windows for Display Purposes:

Are you selling glamorous t shirts but hidden from the eye of the buyers? It’s time to bring forward your brand’s items to the audience. T shirt boxes with die-cuts are the best way to exhibit your designer t shirts and promote your brand. You can cover the window with a thick PVC sheet that will provide shelter against external harms like pollution, dirt, etc. Besides this, the clear transparent sheet will enhance the visibility of the inside products. This box’s design will help display your items and create an amazing impression on the onlookers.  The buyers would love to share their buying experience with their acquaintances.

Get 50% Discounts on T Shirt Boxes Wholesale:

Short in budget and looking for affordable and high-end services. Contact us at PackagingDesires. We are offering our services wholesale. If you order in bulk, you can obtain discounts with no need to worry about the quality of the services.  We ensure the quality of the services whether you order in massive or small amounts.

Avail of Free and Secure Shipping:

Order shipment is the most challenging thing for brands. That’s why they hesitate due to the highest shipping prices worried shipping costs? Leave all your worries as we do not have any shipping fees. We ensure the secure delivery of orders to your doorsteps.

Choose US for T Shirt Box Packaging:

Feeling hesitant to order from online packaging companies due to trust issues.  You can have your trust in us.  Our company is one of the most well-known names in packaging. We have been making our utmost effort to cater to all brands’ needs. Our packaging manufacturers make sure to deliver services on the promised time. Besides this, our outstanding services include the following:

  • Free shipping facility to doorsteps
  • Shortest turnaround
  • No plates and die-cut fee
  • Free-of-cost design support
  • 2D and 3D design mock-ups for customer satisfaction
  • Market competitive prices

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