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How to Detect Mobile Phone Activities of Employees in Working Hours?

Managing a team, department, or whole organization is not an easy task. It requires 100% attention. You cant simply handle the employees by using custom methods anymore. Watching them through CCTV and hiring personnel to keep a check on the employees is so old-fashioned. Not just that they are no more applicable to the present-day circumstances. These days most things are handled through smart gadgets and digital space. Thus detecting mobile phone activities by using spy apps is the only answer. 

Get an efficient spy app and detect the mobile phone activities of the employees remotely. Before going into the detail of employee monitoring features let’s discuss an important factor. It is legal to monitor the employee’s work-related activities only through the company-owned device. It is neither morally right nor legal to use the personal gadget even if it is for work monitoring.  Users need physical access to the target device for installation. As installation can not be done remotely. Once the app is installed all the monitoring and handling of recorded data and features can be done remotely without physical access. Some apps even offer renewal of licenses via remote way to make things easier for the users. 

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Get The Screen In Access:

Where screens are involved there is always a chance of distractions. You can monitor the employees and their devices physically all the time. However, the use of a android spy app can help you with remote monitoring. Features like direct access to the screen, Information in the form of screenshots, and short video recordings are some ways to detect the mobile phone activities of the employees. 

Find Out Who They Are Talking to Through Calls:

Wasting precious working time on long useless calls is never a smart move. Moreover with more and more involvement of remote dealings and discussion call services are widely used at the professional level in the corporate sector. A spy app offers a call log and calls recordings feature. You can know about the call content and incoming and outgoing call records as well. Remote access to call-related features gives insights into the call record of employees. 

Track time spent on Chatting:

A good spy app gives remote access to all the major instant messenger chat app platforms. You can not only read the sent and received messages but can also check the contact details as well. Use the platform to track employees by using features like Skype spy app, WhatsApp spy app, Facebook spy app, and more. People who are dealing with marketing and digital media can freely use the service to make employee monitoring an easy and fun going process. 

Listen to the Idle Talk:

Mic bugs are another significant feature that can be used to detect the mobile phone activities of employees. It allows the user to listen to all the surrounding sounds and voices. You can listen to the idle talk, all the official and unofficial meetings and agendas, and more. It also gives the user the power to remotely or virtually be present in any type of business call or meeting.  

Watch When They Come and Go:

Remote access to the front and rear cameras of the target phone device is another way to detect mobile phone usage. Watch them like a pro and know when they are actively working on seats and when they are wandering around. 

Track Outdoor Activities with GPS Tracking Feature: 

All the outdoor activities of the employees can be easily tracked with the GPS location tracking feature. You can know about the whereabouts history and movements in detail with the feature. Not just that restrict their movements to specific zones by using the geo-fencing feature. 

Find Out About Email Attachment History:

Detect mobile phone of employees and know about the emails and attachment history in detail.

Work-related matters are not confined to smartphones. Other gadgets are also involved that include computers, laptops, and other devices. Choose an app that can help you with all types of operating systems and devices. It is not practical to switch to different apps to detect mobile phone activities or monitor the desktop screen of the employee. AnAmericanEagle offers wonderful bundles with major basic and advanced features. 



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