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9 Preventive Dentistry Methods to Maintain Good Oral Health

Do you pay equal attention to your gums and tongue as you pay to the teeth? Well, let’s be honest. Most of us don’t. Even though you brush your teeth twice a day, you complain of experiencing gum problems. This is primarily because you don’t follow a preventative dentistry regime for your oral health.  

How does preventive dentistry help? This is how it helps: 

  • It helps you to stay away from dental cavities and plaque, 
  • It helps you to retain the enamel and maintains the whiteness and brightness of your teeth. 

The preventive dentistry method asks you to follow a series of good oral health practices. Just like exercising, you have to follow good oral health to get a set of beautiful teeth and a bright smile.

Want to know more about preventive dentistry? Keep reading the blog till the end. 

What is Preventive Dentistry?

The method of practicing good oral health and taking care of your teeth to keep them healthy is known as preventive dentistry. Along with following a series of good oral practices, preventive dentistry also asks you to undergo dental check-ups at regular intervals. 

The practice of taking proper care of your teeth and gums must start right from your childhood. You cannot have a good set of teeth overnight. The problem lies elsewhere. You start taking care of their dental health, teeth, and gums after a problem has occurred. When it comes to maintaining your oral health, this adage stands true in all senses: “Prevention is better than cure.”

Steps to follow a preventative dentistry method 

If you have not started a preventive dentistry method for your oral health, worry not. We are here to present to you a list of preventive dentistry tips for a set of healthy teeth and gums.

Brush your Teeth

First and foremost, the number of times you brush your teeth matters. Although dentists ask you to brush your teeth twice, brushing after every meal works wonders. This eliminates the chance of bacterial development inside your mouth. It also keeps your mouth free from any bad odor. An even better option is to use a combination of brushing teeth with toothpaste followed by washing your mouth with mouthwash.

Use the Right Technique to Brush 

While brushing teeth, most if you have experienced getting hurt, swelling, and inflammation of the gums at least once in your life. This happens when you do not follow the right method to brush your teeth. Do you use the right kind of brush? 

Make sure to invest in a durable brush with soft bristles. The soft bristles of the brush allow it to me and through the teeth and your entire mouth. Simultaneously, use only circular motions to brush your teeth. This prevents gum bleeding, swelling in the gums, and inflammation.

Pay Attention to your Tongue and Gums 

Unfortunately, most people do not pay equal importance to the gums and the tongue as much as they do to the teeth. This leads to bad odor and bad breath. So, make sure to use the same brush to clean your tongue. You can use a tongue cleaner separately as well. This clears your tongue from a white cast and keeps it healthy. At the same time, to maintain your gums, proper flossing is a need. This helps to remove the food particles which might otherwise become bacterial infections.

Invest in a Fluoride Toothpaste 

All dentists ask their patients to invest in good fluoride toothpaste for a particular reason. The reason to choose fluoride toothpaste is fluoride has the ability to fight against tooth decay and dental cavities. Besides, it gives your teeth a protective barrier and makes them stay away from harmful bacterial infections. Make sure to never sit with a fluoride toothpaste in your mouth for a long time. Otherwise, you may suffer from receding gums. 

Consider Flossing as Equally Important as Brushing 

In most cases, people tend to forget to floss their teeth right after brushing. Flossing has ample benefits. One of the greatest advantages of losing is it removes the remaining food particles from between the teeth and makes you stay away from the development of bacterial infection. 

Do you have a habit of pricking your teeth every time you eat something? This is a common phenomenon in most adults, especially if they eat anything fibrous. This is because some of the food particles get stuck in between the teeth. If you can remove them by flossing, you can stay away from periodontal infections.

Use a Mouthwash 

Using mouthwash is as important as using toothpaste. You must have come across a lot of advertisements for mouthwashes that promise to deliver bright white teeth. Are all of them beneficial? Certainly not. always invest in mouthwashes that have fluoride in them. Mouthwashes act as a balancing tool to maintain the pH balance of your mouth. At the same time, they keep your mouth free from any bad odor.

Drink Plenty of Water 

What has water got to do with maintaining your dental health? Well, this is something that most of you don’t know. You must have come across your parents and grandparents asking you to drink water right after every meal. This is not only because of promoting digestion, but also because of clearing all the acidic food particles from the mouth and teeth. When you drink water after your meal, it takes away the acidic food and sticky food particles that are otherwise present in your mouth and teeth.

Restrict Sugary Foods and Drinks 

We know how much you like to devour sweet foods and drinks. Your sweetness craving can be a threat to your oral health. After a certain point of time, the presence of sugar in your mouth turns into acid. This acid is harmful for the enamel of your teeth. The presence of this acid can rip off the enamel of your teeth and make them more sensitive. Besides, teeth without enamel are more prone to discoloration. 


Therefore, if you have to maintain your teeth, you ought to follow these preventative dentistry techniques. People of all ages can get benefitted by following this preventative dentistry method. In case you are suffering from any dental issues, make sure to book an urgent dentist appointment in London.



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