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Root Canal Treatment Versus Tooth Extraction – Which You Should Choose

Root canal treatment or RCT is a tried and tested way to save a diseased tooth. The treatment procedure is invasive in nature. It is all about removing the infected pulp from the canal inside the root of the tooth. Then the canal is cleaned, filled and sealed to ensure there is no further infection. The entire treatment may not be completed in just one appointment. Although that depends on several factors including the location of the diseased tooth in the mouth and the level of complexity involved in a case.

Once the root canal is done, it is important to restore the tooth. This requires a dental crown or filling. Thus the diseased tooth is fully functional with its aesthetics intact after the treatment. Dentists with years of experience in providing root canal treatment near me opine the recovery time for these patients varies widely. But one thing is for sure, any mild discomfort that one may have after completing the treatment will be surely gone in just a few days. 

Root canal treatment or RCT gives you relief from the severe pain and inconvenience that an infected pulp causes. What else are the benefits of the treatment? This question is valid and needs to be answered. Let us explore the answer to the question in the paragraphs below.

Benefits Of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment offers long term benefits in improving your dental health. But more importantly it improves the overall quality of your life. What happens when you ignore a diseased and infected tooth for a long time? The condition of the tooth keeps deteriorating until there comes a time when it cannot be saved any more. Thus it becomes unavoidable to extract that tooth from your mouth. This is where the importance of root canal treatment cannot be ignored. The procedure proves effective in preserving that diseased natural tooth in the long run. Moreover it ensures you suffer no pain or discomfort on account of the diseased tooth. In other words when you undergo Invisalign Treatment For Top or Bottom Teeth, there is no need for tooth extraction. 

There is no way to deny that saving a natural tooth is much better than having it extracted. A tooth extraction may leave an indelible mark in your oral health. When a matured tooth is extracted there is a permanent gap in your mouth. That gap may affect your quality of life in more than one. Let us find out how that gap affects quality of life.

  • The gap in your jaw line can affect your appearance.
  • It may affect your normal chewing ability.
  • It can even come in the way of your natural speech.
  • In course of time the gap affects your facial structure.
  • If the gap occurs at the front of your mouth then you are likely to suffer from low self esteem. As a result your social, personal as well as professional lives could be badly affected over the years.

However there are ways to fill that gap up. The options include dental implant and bridge. These options are costly. In the long term there is always much less maintenance with a restored natural tooth than a bridge or an implant. 

According to dentists in London the immediate cost of a root canal cost London is quite hefty compared to that of extracting a tooth. But when long-term assessments are concerned, a root canal treatment proves to be much more reasonable than that of a tooth extraction.

Some other benefits that root canal offers include the following –

Root Canal Treatment Is Virtually A Painless Procedure

There are lots of misconceptions doing their rounds around root canal treatment or RCT. But nothing can beat the truth! And the truth is very little pain and discomfort is connected with root canal treatment compared to that of extraction of a tooth. Yes modern dentistry has contributed heavily in making root canal treatment virtually free of pain. Dentists who perform root canal procedures make use of modern techniques and more effective anaesthesia. These factors contribute heavily in minimising pain and discomfort both during and after the procedure. 

It is relevant to mention that both dentists and endodontists perform root canal treatment. Endodontists are specialised dentists who have at least 2 to 3 years of advanced training in pain management as well as performing root canals.  

Root Canal Treatment Arrests The Spreading Of Infection

Root canal treatment clears away the bacteria that are responsible for infecting the tooth pulp. As a result there is no further spreading of the infection. If the infection is not put under check it can affect a larger area of the mouth including the soft tissues, facial spaces and the jawbone. The infected pulp is first removed. Then the root canal is cleaned and disinfected. This prevents the tooth from further decay. 

Better Chewing Ability

An abscess in the tooth can lead to severe pain and swelling. The pain could be so intense that you cannot chew on anything. But once the root canal treatment is over and the tooth is preserved by placing a dental crown, your chewing automatically becomes better, easier and more natural. 

Aesthetically Satisfactory Result

Once the dentist fixes a dental crown or a filling in the treated tooth, there is no negative impact on your smile. In other words this helps retain your natural smile.

Reasonable In Cost And Desired Outcomes

We have already mentioned it above. In order to emphasise the truth we are repeating it again. Tooth extraction apparently seems to be the most pocket-friendly and the fastest solution when short-term results are concerned. Root canal offers a long-term result though it can be costlier by few times than tooth extraction. Root canal usually requires additional dental works like implants, bridges or dentures. But most importantly it restores the tooth and that allows you to enjoy a better quality of life on the whole. 

Dentists working at Bayswater Dental Clinic have something important to point out in this context. RCT or root canal treatment is not as expensive as you may wonder. Moreover there are quite a number of dental insurances that cover a part of the treatment cost. Ultimately whether you will go for tooth extraction or a root canal treatment is a personal choice. But there are lots of factors that you must consider before making an informed decision. 



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