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5 Factors Affect the WordPress Loading Speed

With the progression of technology, every business relies on the reliability of the website. To run your business effectively, you require a well-optimized website that provides the 24/7 fastest services to your client and leads your business towards progress. Most entrepreneurs opt for WordPress sites to power their business websites.

WordPress is the prevalent content marketing and blogging platform with robust features that engage massive audiences. No wait for the slow-loading websites and quit their attention to your competitor’s site. Therefore, you have to focus on the performance of the wordpress sites; otherwise you might lose your traffic and affect your SEO ranking in the Google algorithm. So, you must consider this article to know the essential factors affecting WordPress loading speed. So, don’t go anywhere and keep an eye on this page to reveal the notion.

Top 5 Factors That Affect the WordPress Loading Speed

It is obvious that users are more concerned about the page loading speed. They might be frustrated if the loading speed is slow and leave your page immediately. Therefore, whenever you find that your website ranking and traffic are going to decrease, you must consider the aspects of the loading speed of your site. You exert much effort into your site’s design, graphics, UI & UX design, content, and front-end functions. But you might put all your efforts in vain if you have a slow loading speed. Therefore, in this post, we will shed light on the top 5 factors that affect the WordPress loading speed. So, stay with us here and keep scrolling.

1.      Choice of Web Hosting Service

Your web hosting service plays an important role in the website’s performance. You might suffer from poor loading speed if you opt for a cheap and unprofessional web host for your WordPress. With poor web hosting, you might crush your site page when it gets more traffic. Therefore, you have to explore and review the web hosting services to determine whether they complement your business. For this, you have to explore managed WordPress Hosting USA to get the optimized server configurations, automatic backups, latest software updates, and security configuration of your site that surely boost the loading speed.

2.      Uploading Largely Sized Images and Videos

Visitors and users can be fascinated by the colorful images or videos and might read your website content. But, the large size image or videos can minimize the page loading speed. Some WordPress users can make mistakes by uploading videos or pictures via their phones that take more time to open and affect the page’s loading speed. Therefore, you have to compress or optimize the size of the images when it uploads on your site. In this way, you can reduce the image size up to 5 times, ultimately improving WordPress’s page loading time. Moreover, you have to avoid uploading the video on the site. Instead of uploading the video, you have to embed it on the WordPress site after uploading it on another channel, like YouTube.

3.      Reduce the Use of Plugins and Widgets

WordPress sites offer a wide range of customization and functionalities by using a variety of widgets and plugins. But, sometimes, excessive use of plugins affects the performance of WordPress loading speed. It might take more and more time to load your site content when you incorporate high features, plugins, and widgets. Therefore, you have to review all the installed plugins and delete the inactive plugins and widgets as they continue to load the code and affect the site’s performance. Therefore, you must regularly update your WordPress themes and plugins to remove all the previous version issues, bugs, and vulnerabilities.

4.      Protect Hotlinking

When the users embed media files instead of image files, your site is in hotlinking. In this way, your site utilizes more bandwidth and reduces the page loading speed.   Therefore, you must protect your site from hotlinking by using the .htaccess and code with your domain name to upload the file.

5.      Install a Caching Plugin

When you get a massive audience on your WordPress site, it might not load the page as fast as expected because of its dynamic approach. Therefore, you must install the caching plugin that assists you in enhancing WordPress site loading speed more than 5 times and make your site manipulate the massive traffic without affecting the speed and broken links. Therefore, you must go for a professional web host to maintain your WordPress site’s good and effective performance. For this, we recommend you get the services from WordPress Hosting USA to boost your site’s performance and loading speed, which ultimately catches the sight of a massive audience. It will use the latest version of catching plugins on your site and regularly updates your WordPress themes to boost the speed.

Bottom Line

The high loading speed of the page catches the sight of the massive audience that ultimately leads your online business toward success. So, don’t waste your assets on cheap web hosting and make the informed decision to boost your site’s performance. So, you must explore the professional WordPress hosting service that regularly updates your sites’ applications, themes, and plugins and remove all the unnecessary bugs affecting the speed. So, make a wise decision and invest in the right platform. 



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