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About Whitening the Teeth While You Are on Invisalign Braces

If you have a perfectly aligned set of teeth then you should consider yourself very lucky. Everyone does not have such great teeth. Perfectly aligned teeth are no less than a work of art. Since everyone (rather, the overwhelming majority of people) does not have teeth that are perfectly aligned there is a demand for teeth straightening procedures like Invisalign. In fact the idea or decision to resolve the issue of misaligned teeth through various orthodontic treatments is an excellent idea. Invisalign proves a great option to straighten your teeth. Moreover it is also a reliable solution to put an end to the problem of gapped teeth or your gummy smile. 

A leading dentist renowned for providing Invisalign in London explains Invisalign is a cutting-edge treatment to correct the problem of your misaligned teeth in a comfortable and discreet manner. However the journey to a straighter and beautiful smile is not easy. It requires a little commitment and conscious effort on your part to achieve the goal. It is important along the course of the journey to ensure that your teeth straightening aligners remain clean, transparent and free from stains.

Make your Smile More Attractive

As far as practical experiences are concerned, just straightening the teeth is not sufficient to get a realistic smile. Your teeth may require some additional touch ups too. A set of aligned and brighter teeth makes your smile more attractive as well as beautiful. 

As a matter of fact you must be wondering whether whitening the teeth is possible while you are going through an orthodontic treatment or the other. When you are on your Invisalign braces, it is quite easy to whiten the teeth. However before undergoing teeth whitening treatment you must consult your dentist. Only after diagnosing the overall mouth a dentist can confirm whether it is possible to undergo teeth whitening procedure while you are on your orthodontic braces. As far as teeth-straightening with Invisalign is concerned, it is comparatively easier to whiten the teeth simultaneously. 
In any case, now let us explore in the following sections of the blog post whether whitening the teeth is possible while you are on any orthodontic aligners.   

Teeth whitening while on Invisalign aligners

It is possible whitening the teeth while you are on your Invisalign braces. But it is better to wait for at least six months after getting your braces. Then you can have the teeth whitened. The majority of dentists in the UK recommend this. As such there must be a reason for that. The reason is not hard to understand. Once your orthodontic treatment starts your teeth are a little sensitive. This is an unavoidable fact for Invisalign patients. Gradually this sensitivity wears off on its own within a few days. Therefore it is sensible not to go for teeth whitening treatment immediately after putting on braces on the teeth. This way it is easy to avoid a lot of unwanted complications.

Sensitivity in the teeth is not the only factor to consider. There are other factors as well. Throughout the course of your Invisalign journey your teeth are constantly shifting. In other words that is to say the teeth are trying to achieve their final position. There could be discoloration at the places that could not come in contact with the whitening agent. Thus there could be a contrasting disparity. Some of the teeth will be whitened whereas the others will not. On the other hand whitening the teeth will be more comfortable and obviously faster when allowing some time to your teeth for the necessary adjustment.

A dentist renowned for quoting affordable prices for Invisalign braces over the years assures having said that never means you cannot whiten the teeth while the treatment is ongoing. Dentists usually consider the following aspects to suggest the most appropriate whitening method for your teeth –

  • The normal diet that you follow
  • Your oral hygiene quotient and 
  • Genetic factors relevant in your particular case

Now let us quickly explore the common methods of teeth whitening that dentists usually recommend to patients in this circumstance.

Common Teeth Whitening Options While You are Invisalign Braces

Dentists recommend a range of teeth whitening options to patients who are already on Invisalign braces. This ranges from in-chair or in-office teeth whitening to whitening kits that you can use at home. It is important to mention that less intense ways of whitening the teeth are usually more effective at this stage to revamp your smile.

At-Home Kits for Whitening the Teeth

At-home kits are the most suitable solution to whiten the teeth for patients who are already on the orthodontic treatment to correct the misalignment of their teeth. Compared to standard whitening toothpastes these kits contain a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Moreover the kits come with an array of trays and tubes containing the whitening gels or syringes. The range of trays includes pre-filled variety, trays with LED light and even mouldable trays. 

The trays keep your teeth in contact with the whitening gel. This is how the trays play their role in whitening your teeth. Both whitening trays and Invisalign aligner trays look somewhat the same. But yet there exist distinct differences between the two. People may suggest you can place the whitening gels on your Invisalign trays to make things easier. You should remember that this is a rubbish idea. You should never do it.

Invisalign trays are meant to fit snugly on the teeth. Thus when you place whitening gels on your Invisalign trays and try wearing the trays on the teeth you may push the gel out of the aligner tray. This may irritate your gum tissues. You may even swallow some of the gel in the process.

Mainly two varieties of whitening kits exist. These are 

  • Pre filled mouldable trays and
  • Customized trays

Pre Filled Moldable Trays 

This range of trays is of the ‘one size fits all’ variety. The trays are heated up and moulded to your teeth.

Customized trays 

Customized trays on the other hand are usually handed over to patients who look for cosmetic dentistry treatments in Invisalign offers London. Your dentist will take a mold of your teeth to custom-make your dedicated trays. This option obviously offers better results, says a dentist at Smile Clinic London.

Whitening toothpastes

Whitening toothpastes are also a great option to make your smile brighter and younger-looking smile. But these toothpastes are not as efficient as whitening gels or in-office whitening. The variety of the product comes with special abrasives to polish the teeth surface. Moreover it contains lower peroxide levels to break down stains. 



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